Space Travel Times Calculator

Calculate travel times for space travel, both relative(Shipboard Time) and proper time for a stationary reference frame (Observed Time). This assumes the object is Accelerating at a constant speed (expressed in G's), coasting at a Maximum Speed for a nonzero duration, then Decelerating so as to produce the same G's in reverse. (The Acceleration/Deceleration phases are equal).

This cannot accomodate situations where the maximum speed is not reached and sustained.

Travel Distance: ly (light years, 1 light year = 9460730472580800 meters)
Acceleration: G (Gs, 1G = 9.81 meters per second squared)
Max Speed: c (percentage of light speed, must be greater than zero and less than one.)

Questions, Comments, Corrections: Tim W. Talpas (timw (at) talpas (dot) com)